Art Safari; Namibia & Botswana

UGANDA; Gorillas, Chimps & tree-climbing Lions
February 4, 2011
De Hoop Nature Reserve, east of Cape Town
April 18, 2011

Art Safari; Namibia & Botswana


If I had the merest hint of artistic talent I would go on the next Art Safari in Namibia in April 2011, closely followed by Botswana in May. Don’t you just love these two pictures of artworks done by students on an Art Safari tour? I would love to be able to do a simple squiggle that ended up looking perfectly like a zebra. Well I suppose its the talent of the artist and that of the teacher too and Mary Ann seems to have the right knack of getting the best out of you while you happen to be surrounded by African animals, birds  and who knows what else.

The Namibia art safari encompasses a great swish of landscape from Windhoek to Etosha, then Damaraland to the Skeleton Coast, and then the grand finale of the extraordinary orange dunes of Sossusvlei. It’s an itinerary full of dramatic landscape as well as adventures with game, sometimes intimate, sometimes from afar.


Then Botswana is all about animals, starting in the Okavango Delta, then up to see the elephants of Savuti and Chobe, ending at Victoria Falls.


These are camping trips, which makes it feel so intrepid as well as special (always fun to see who’s going to dig the next loo).


This trip is organised out of UK but if you are from Africa, the rates would be cheaper as you would pay local  SADEC prices.


Art Safari website or email


  1. Mary-Anne says:

    Go on Carrie, you could join in too!!
    I have artists of every standard join my trips – so I can teach beginners or coach professionals. The Art Safari gives us all the chance to be in the bush and feel the exhilaration of drawing and painting from life. If you know the bush, and want to see it with new eyes, this is a great opportunity. Photographers also welcome!

  2. I love the idea of an art safari what a wonderful way to explore and study both the wildlife and landscape.

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