Natures Best Photography Africa 2015 Awards for Wildlife Photography

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July 21, 2015
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July 23, 2015

Natures Best Photography Africa 2015 Awards for Wildlife Photography

What makes a good wildlife photograph and what are the differentiating degrees of excellence among the very best? Nature’s Best Photography Africa have tried to answer these subjective questions through their choices in the 2015 Awards.

There is also the question as to whether wildlife photography can be art and Lou Coetzer, Director of Nature’s Best Photography Africa, believes that the award-winning photographs in the Landscape category came closest to art in wildlife photography. Judging by this photo of Baobab Trees by Johan Beyers – African Landscapes Runner Up, I tend to agree with him. What do you think?

Judge for yourself by visiting the Iziko South African Museum, Cape Town where they are on display from 24 June-26 September 2015.

I also loved some of the photographs in the Culture category…this one of Herero Women in Namibia  by Heinrich van der Berg tells the story of the many cars that skid off the dirt road by going too fast around corners. I’ve seen cars like this dotted along the network of dirt roads all over Namibia – so be warned if self-driving there!

They also chose a Photographer of the Year, not selected on a single image, but rather on a portfolio of images with consideration given to both the individual quality of the images, as well as versatility of subject matter and the variety skills demonstrated by the photographer. So congratulations to Brian Joffe, PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR WINNER 2015.

Here are a few of his amazing photographs and the Ground Hornbill in flight is also by him:

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