Can you spot the leopard?

New Mara Plains Camp, Kenya
July 29, 2013
Review of Aquila Private Game Reserve nr Cape Town
August 7, 2013

Can you spot the leopard?

There REALLY is a leopard in this picture – can you see it? Scroll down for the answer once you’ve tried really hard.


Did you know…..


  • a leopard’s spots form a unique pattern, something like a fingerprint
  • leopards can pull dead prey weighing up to 50kg up into a tree, away from predators like lion and hyena who will easily steal its meal. Where leopards are the only large predator, they don’t need to drag their catch into trees.
  • they will consume protein in any form from beetle to buck; I’ve seen a leopard stalk a guinea fowl and spit out a mouth full of feathers!
  • they are quintessential ambush and stalk predators, pouncing on prey before they can react
  • leopards can run up to 35 miles per hour
  • out of all the large African carnivores, the ¬†leopard only outranks cheetah










The leopard’s at the bottom of the tree on the right. Did you find it without me telling you?


  1. Sue says:

    Amazing picture – how well they can hide in plain sight!

  2. Hayley says:

    Great photo, you must have really good eyesight to take that one!
    Wish I was there!

  3. Elsa Spofforth says:

    No wonder their prey don’t stand a chance! Brilliant photo it took a while to spot. I’ll pass it on to my grandchildren.

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