Carrie’s Top 10 Safari Thrills

Zambezi Queen luxury houseboat on Chobe River, Botswana
May 3, 2016
May 5, 2016

Carrie’s Top 10 Safari Thrills

Read my blog post for the Chic Collection  on my Top 10 Safari Thrills, outlined here:


  1. The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth; My introduction to African safari started in a hot air balloon over the wildebeest migration from Tanzania’s Serengeti over the river into Kenya’s Masai Mara. The balloon company was owned by my father’s friend and I had no idea what was in store for me. I stayed with balloon pilots in the Masai Mara for the whole three-month migration …now you can understand why I became a safari fanatic!


  1. Look in the eye of a Leopard; the best place to do this is in the Greater Kruger area. See reviews of South Africa lodges in leopard country on Safari Tart including Royal Malewane, Singita, Tintswalo, Lion Sands, Royal Malewane and Camp Jabulani.


  1. Sleepout in a Treehouse; several safari lodges offer this romantic yet exciting sleeping option including several visited by Safari Tart: Makanyane, Tswalu, Kapama, Lion Sands, Jaci’s, Rhino Walking Safaris Platforms, Delta Camp and others we haven’t yet been to at Pezulu, Bushwa and Londolozi.


  1. Canoe the Zambezi;Read Carrie’s article in Travel Africa Magazine where she experiences moments of fear and hilarity as she canoes the famous Zambezi, dodging hippos and living to tell the tale.


  1. White Water Rafting at Victoria Falls; no time to feel scared before the next rapid arrives! Being lightweight and gung-ho, I was bumped out of the rubber duck at virtually every rapid to tumble through a washing machine of white water. It’s got to be done once (but once was enough for me)!


  1. Great White Shark Cage Diving; get up close and personal with the apex predator of the ocean in Cape Town waters. Chris Fallows of Apex Shark Expeditions is my favourite white shark expert and what he doesn’t know about these creatures isn’t worth knowing!


  1. Walking the Desert Sands of Sossusvlei; go barefoot to the top of the highest sand dunes in the world in the Namibian desert. It’s not hazardous (unless you get lost or meet an angry Oryx), but climbing these enormous orange dunes makes you feel on top of the world. And of course they are so far from anywhere that you’ve had quite an expedition to get here.


  1. Gorillas of Uganda & Rwanda; fill your heart with joy just by being with these close cousins – less than 1,000 left in the wild. Read more about this jungle trekking experience and make a point of planning this trip before there are none left to see.


  1. Mokoro through the Okavango;a silent and beautiful way of floating past elephant and grazing antelopes. You don’t have to do the paddling…leave that to the poler who knows how to avoid croc, hippos and wading elephants.


  1. Walking Safari in the South Luangwa; with the most highly awarded safari guides in Africa this is the best place in Africa to walk amongst game. I admit I haven’t been to the South Luangwa yet, so still have one of my Top 10 Safari Thrills to still do, and I plan to remedy that very soon!


This is bucket list stuff, so share the post and tell everyone which of these Top Ten Safari Thrills you are going to do before you die!

 Written by Safari Tart Carrie Hampton.



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