Ebola in Africa – you can still come on safari to southern and east Africa

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July 23, 2014
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November 1, 2014

Ebola in Africa – you can still come on safari to southern and east Africa

Ebola is a terrifying virus, but what you need to know is that the nearest case of Ebola is +-3,000 miles/5,000 kilometres from any of the safari areas mentioned on this blog. That’s about the same distance from West Africa to Berlin or Rio de Janeiro. This means you can still happily come on safari to southern and east Africa with no fear of contamination of Ebola.

Great Plains Conservation – real good guys of safari – have issued their cancellation policy to reassure guests that they can continue with their safari plans:


Should the World Health Organisation declare, in the VERY unlikely event, that an Ebola outbreak is established in either Kenya or Botswana, then NO cancellation fees will be applicable;

If guests wants to cancel out of general concern in reaction to the current Ebola situation, which is 5000 kilometres (over 3000 miles) north and west of our camps, we would encourage those guests to look ahead and rebook their dream safari. We will hold their paid deposits for their new safari dates which can be for travel up to one year into the future. If they insist on not travelling at all the guests’s deposit is fully refundable up to 16 weeks prior to travel, thereafter standard cancellation fees will apply.

Are you reassured now? Or would you cancel your safari to Africa right now? I’d be interested to know your thoughts.


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