Elephant straddles car

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August 7, 2013
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Elephant straddles car

I’m not sure where or when this happened – I saw it on Facebook – but it puts the size of an elephant into perspective.


Take a look at another of our Animal Antics blog post of an enormous elephant trashing a campsite and squashing a car with a rooftop tent.

The most scary moments I’ve had on safari have always been with elephants and a local Botswana guide, born and bred in a village in the Okavango Delta, once told me, “I am scared of elephants – one killed my father. Lions hah, I’m not scared of them!”

I’m scared of elephants too and thought my last moments had arrived when driving with the manager of Kapama Game Reserve on a road tightly edged with trees. We drove through a a breeding herd with plenty of youngsters and became pinned between two females. Both Mama’s were not happy and they both charged, one to the front and one at the back! My first reaction was to yell at my sister in the back seat, “put your seat belt on”. I thought at least if the pick up truck got turned over we might not get thrown around. She just sat there too shocked to move.

Thank goodness the Manager showed mettle and revved the engine, slapped the side of the car and moved towards the front elephant pretending to be big and strong.  Front Mama returned with an equal show of strength but didn’t actually touch the vehicle and so it went on with us both mock charging each other front and back.  Suddenly there was a gap behind us and we took it at full speed in reverse. I think I’d been holding my breath the whole time and suddenly gasped for air.

What have been your most thrilling moments on safari?




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