Great White Shark vs Surfer, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

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July 17, 2015
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July 22, 2015

Great White Shark vs Surfer, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

When I went on an Apex Shark Expeditions shark-watching boat into Cape Town’s False Bay, it was pointed out and I saw quite clearly that when the big Great White sharks pull in, the smaller ones make themselves scarce.

Perhaps when Mick Fanning encountered a Great White in the waters of Jeffrey’s Bay during the final of the  J-Bay Open international surfing tournament and didn’t get out of big shark’s way – shark got cross and gave him a warning. It was captured live on camera – the commentator was heard to say …”and it looks like he’s having a bit of trouble…oh shit….excuse me I mean…oh dear…..”

Now Mick’s a champion surfer and as it turns out quite a macho dude too, because when Great White gave him a bump, threw him off his board and bit through the rope, Mick punched him a few times. Technically, the Great White may have been attacked by the man, rather then the other way around!

For more about Great White Shark behaviour you can’t do better than listen to a Chris Fallows presentation.



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