Kruger Park Enforces Daily Visitor Quotas

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June 28, 2017
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Kruger Park Enforces Daily Visitor Quotas

To manage Kruger National Park’s human carrying capacity, there is a daily quota for the number of day visitors.

You can pre-book for day visits in three time slots, but remember, during South African school holidays there’s high demand and quotas will be enforced. Arriving outside the time slot booked will automatically forfeit your booking.

  1. 06h00 and 08h00
  2. 08h00 and 10h00
  3. 10h00 onwards


As a pre-booked day visitor, you will get preference over non-booked day visitors. This is the kind of road block you might experience in Kruger!

Kruger take bookings for up to 80% of day visitors within their quota (per gate), which can be done through SANParks’ reservations offices and online.

Open Safari Vehicles who have paid the annual operating permit are authorised to enter 15 minutes prior to the gate opening time.

Will you be self-driving in Kruger this year?

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