LUGGAGE…could the RISE travel bag be the ultimate suitcase?

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January 21, 2016
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LUGGAGE…could the RISE travel bag be the ultimate suitcase?

I’ve got a bit of a luggage fetish… I’m always looking for the ultimate travel bag and never quite finding it. My Safari Tart accomplice @PippaTuckwell told me she’d found her dream travel bag and I have to agree it does look rather brilliant.

It’s the RISE Gear Roller or Glider, with built in stackable pockets and hanging hooks on the top, so you just open the bag, lift up the inner and hang it on a rail. Rather like one of those toilet bags that unravels to reveal everything you need.  The photo tells it all.

I rather like the story behind this small business, who pitched their idea to the CBS’s Dragon’s Den in the premier episode and won 100% approval from the hard-to-please panel!

The only problem is that RISE don’t have sales outlets around the world yet and I can’t get hold of one without a hefty shipping fee. But all you lucky folks in the States can get your hands on one. Take a look at the range.

I’ll let you know if I get to test one out, but until then I’ll just have to dream!

Have you got a luggage fettish? What’s your ultimate travel bag?


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