I think it’s time to re-visit Malawi! I’ve written about the dream destination Mumbo Island in the middle of Lake Malawi, but haven’t been anywhere else in Malawi. This feels like a good year to go.

Why? Because Malawi has just been crowned runner-up in The 2013 Safari Awards’ “Best Africa Tourist Board” category – beaten only by Kenya who boast a marketing budget 400 times greater than that of Malawi! Malawi just had their most successful year for tourism in the country’s history.

This is what the blurb about the award said and since I couldn’t put it better myself I’ll print it as is: “Malawi is not only gifted with stunning natural beauty and a hugely diverse culture and wildlife, but it also continues to offer more to tourists each year. Many of the national parks and reserves have undergone extensive restocking projects with places such as the Majete Wildlife Reserve now playing host to lions and leopards, as well as offering the full ‘Big 5’ experience. These trans-locations along with now well-established breeding sanctuaries mean that even rare and endangered species like rhino are thriving. These have added to Malawi’s existing attractions including Lake Malawi, the beautiful and varied scenery, and the country’s long held reputation for being home to the most welcoming, warm-hearted Africans!”

The Safari Award winners are nominated by over a thousand luxury travel professionals, hundreds of readers of Conde Nast Traveller, Tatler, Brides and Travel Africa Magazine, so you can rest assured that any safari business nominated for a Safari Award is amongst the best in its genre.

I will give my own personal comment after I do a self-drive trip around Malawi, an idea which has been nagging at me all last year.

See more on Malawi Tourism website.

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