Mara Expedition Camp, Kenya – classic mobile safari

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October 19, 2016
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Mara Expedition Camp, Kenya – classic mobile safari

I don’t know about you, but I still yearn for the classic ‘Out of Africa‘ safari of East Africa. And right now, there’s nowhere better to get that genuine expedition feeling than at Great Plains Mara Expedition Camp on a bend in the river, where thick forest meets grassy savannah in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

Mara Expeditions Camp tent

With 5 tents just for your private group, creating that intimate, safari expedition feel, I get all Meryl Streep  just thinking about it.  I’m imagining what I’ll pack into my leather holdall; khaki linen skirt, lace-up booties, felt hat, animal print chiffon scarf! Oh yes…I can get into this groove without even watching the film again!

Mara Expedition Camp is now open all year (apart from the rainy season from 1 April through 14 June). I just want to jump into this copper bath to the sounds of roaring lions in the distant twilight. Then sit around the fire after a splendid meal accompanied by fine wines, cooked up by the expedition staff. What I slushy colonial romantic I am!


Some classic Masai Mara images from Great Plains Conservation to get you in the mood…….

maraexpeditioncamp-landscape-greatplainsconservation-2 maraexpeditioncamp-landscape-greatplainsconservation-7

maraexpeditioncamp-safari-experience-greatplainsconservation-2 maraexpeditioncamp-wildlife-greatplainsconservation-11

maraexpeditioncamp-wildlife-greatplainsconservation-21 maraexpeditioncamp-wildlife-greatplainsconservation-26

maraexpeditioncamp-food-dining-greatplainsconservation-11 maraexpeditioncamp-safari-experience-greatplainsconservation-1


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