Seasoned travellers will be interested in the Odzala Wilderness Camps in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park of the remote north of the Republic of Congo’s river basin – the world’s second largest expanse of tropical rainforest.

Wilderness Safaris run lodges in several south and east African countries and have an ethos that should satisfy the most discerning eco-traveller. In this case the camp has only six rooms and has been constructed to leave minimum footprint and blend with the forest. Can you spot the camp in this aerial picture?

Activities include tracking the western lowland gorilla and other rainforest primates like black and white colobus monkeys, boating by motorised pirogues on lush river systems and night drives and walks in search of reclusive species.

While rainforests are constantly denuded of their trees, this park works to protect the habitat and creatures of this unique ecosystem and Wilderness Safaris say that a stay at Odzala Wilderness Camp exposes guests to the complexities of rainforest conservation and hopes that the knowledge gained will inform the choices they make thereafter.

One thing’s for sure – you will be one of very few who have visited this remote area and if you get there before me, I’ll be very jealous.



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