Safari Tart’s books

Garden Route Game Lodge great ‘soft’ safari, Western Cape
June 23, 2009
Bushman’s Kloof Wilderness Reserve
July 15, 2009

Safari Tart’s books

It’s not easy to become a safari tart. It takes a lot of dedication to the pleasure principle.  In my case, I have spent considerable time and energy in taking as much pleasure as possible out of visiting about 180 safari lodges.

I believe that anything is possible. You just have to be open to allowing the seemingly impossible to enter your life. Who’d have thought that I, a nobody in particular from the suburbs of London, would meet Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu?









Who’d have thought that I, an untrained journalist, would write six books.

Who’d have thought that I would have an international best selling novel? OK, so I haven’t written that one yet, but see what I have written…..

My Coffee Table Books:

‘Exclusive Safari Lodges of South Africa’, published and photographed by Gerald Hoberman, written by yours truely. I had to write something different about 73 safari lodges, many of which have thatched roofs, African decor and plunge pools. You’ll have to read it to work out how I made each one unique.

Exclusive Safari Lodges of South Africa


Table Mountain to Cape Point; my other baby (because it took nine months to research and write): published 97817700719193by Struik.


This is what a critic said:

“Every plant and creature, as well as people past and present, has a story to tell, the best of which are to be found in this title. ”




Find Table Mountain to Cape Point book on: or order a signed copy from me:


Then there’s another safari book I wrote a few years ago, published in USA, called ‘On Safari’















Guide Books:

I have written three guide books too, all now rather out of date:

Passport to the Best of Cape Town










Essential Kenya















Adventure Travellers Southern Africa















  1. Reading this just reminds me of why I am now living in this stunning country with all these oustanding places to visit on the doorstep – every time I read about Safari Lodges I want to go again !

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