Super-Sensory Biomimicry Safari

March 16, 2017
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April 24, 2017

Super-Sensory Biomimicry Safari


Sounds interesting…even if you may have no real idea what it means.  Biomimicry is where humans learn from and emulate the genius of nature. African Bush Camps are using this concept in the Mana Pools area of Zimbabwe with set itineraries offering these added-extra activities guided by biomimicry specialist Rob Janisch and the Imaginature team. The Super-Sensory Safari uses sense-stimulating activities, one of which uses high-tech headphones and sophisticated microphones to pick up the sensitive sounds of the wild.

Walking safari with African Bush Camps in Mana Pools NP

Deepening your connection with nature can be practical and profound and has the ability to change the way you view your world and design your life. Understanding natural systems can help you shift towards a more holistic world view and the Imaginature website suggests you “dip in lightly or go deep.”

I’m intrigued and really want to go deep an immerse myself. And there surely isn’t anywhere better to do it than Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe.

It’s really wild Africa here man!

This Zimbabwe National Park, with the mighty Zambezi running through it, is so special that a few more operators are opening lodges here (see list below). I reckon there’s enough wild space here for all the best operators to offer exceptional, ethical safari experiences.

When I was first in Zimbabwe 22 years ago I found myself canoeing down the Zambezi from Mana Pools and being charged by territorial hippos and paddling in crocodile-infested waters. I survived through sheer luck an naivety!  

African Bush Camps have dual accommodation offerings in Mana Pools for a touch of riverside experiences and deep bush;

Zambezi Expeditions is a 12-bedded luxury mobile “glamping” camp at the edge of the Zambezi floodplains in Mana Pools.

African Bush Camps – canoeing at Mana Pools gets you really close to nature

Kanga Camp is a different and complimentary experience with solid lodge main and water-side lounge and dining areas but still canvas-walled bedrooms albeit rather luxurious on decks overlooking Kanga Pan. This large pan is the only source of water in the dry season and is perfect for “armchair safari”. Just sit and wait for the animals to come to you.

Armchair Safari at African Bush Camp – Kanga Camp in Mana Pools NP


Other safari accommodation in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe:

Wilderness Safaris: Rukomechi Camp  and Little Rukomechi

Robin Pope Safaris: John’s Camp – named after renowned African safari guide John Stevens – is a semi-permanent camp with views across a flood plain towards the Zambezi River from the 5 Meru tented rooms. It is open only from April 14 through to November 30 each year.

 Great Plains Conservation will set up a camp in a former hunting area of Mana Pools by the end of 2017. By then it will have had 2 birth cycles of animals who never knew hunting. They managed to rehabilitate the land and animals of the former hunting area of Selinda in the Okavango Delta and I’m glad they are going to do the same here.

What do you think of the idea of biomimicry?






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