This is a the Top 5 strangest requests made on Protea Hotel’s staff in 2012.

  1. A burly guest insisted on being sung to as it was the only sure cure for his insomnia. It worked!
  2. A Cape Town GM had to go out at 8pm in search of goldfish for a guest who insisted she would never get to sleep unless she could watch swimming fish.
  3. A Western Cape guest sent back soft-boiled eggs five times because the egg shell wasn’t speckled.
  4. A Cape Town receptionist was sent hunting for a size of pair 12 stilettos for a Priscilla Queen of the Desert guest who was due on stage in two hours and whose luggage had lost.
  5. The requests that probably take the cake, is the executive who called down to the reception of his Bloemfontein hotel demanding a fortune teller be sent to his room to help him make a decision about a multi-million rand deal

Protea Hotels have more than 120 properties throughout South Africa and seven other African countries, including Zambia, Nigeria, Namibia, and Kenya.


Are you a hard to please traveller? What are your most important aspects of a hotel stay?