Zambezi Queen luxury houseboat on Chobe River, Botswana

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Zambezi Queen luxury houseboat on Chobe River, Botswana

The Zambezi Queen is a 5-star triple-decker houseboat providing possibly the best way to go on safari that has been invented!


She floats in a watery no-man’s land with Namibia on one bank and Botswana’s Chobe National Park on the other. With an estimated 160,000 elephant in Chobe (approximately half the world’s population), plenty of leopard and lion and several packs of wild dog, this really is game-watching paradise.

Zambezi Queen luxury houseboat, Chobe River, Botswana


Extra Eco-Friendly Brownie Points


Only a determined out-of-Africa entrepreneur like Brett McDonald – the former owner of Zambezi Queen – would conquer the obstacles involved in building a 5-star luxury houseboat, with special jet engines from America, prism solar hot water systems from Austria, energy saving fixtures from Germany and accelerated bacterial septic tanks from Louisiana.


It’s these behind the scenes environmentally-friendly considerations that give the Zambezi Queen extra brownie points. The face that guest experience is the luxurious interior, designed by Jenni Button, the array of fine food and the decadence of floating aboard this intimate hotel moored in middle of the Chobe River.


Straining on her loose mooring on the Namibian side of the Chobe River, the current gently pushes the vessel from side to side and allows the breeze to flow easily through the ship. Drawing a draught of less than one metre, the Zambezi Queen can pretty much go where she pleases, including both the Namibia and Botswana riverbanks. Brett somehow managed to gain approval to take the ship and her tender boats across the invisible country border into Botswana territory. He dug up some old agreement to do with the contested Sedudo Island that lies in the river between the two countries, so the boat is now able to take guests right up to the Botswana riverbank to see some of the best game viewing on earth. And for close-up viewing you take to a tender boat to cruise the narrower channels. That’s not always necessary though, as there are usually plenty of elephant and hippo within easy watching distance of the mother ship.


Chobe Excursion with Wildlife Vet


For an excursion with a difference into Chobe National Park, the Zambezi Queen offered a 4×4 game inspection with Chobe National Park’s Honorary Wildlife Vet, Cray Wilson. As Cray carefully measured a dose of tranquilizer to immobilize an impala with a wire trap around its leg, he warned, “One drop of this stuff will kill you, so please don’t touch it.”


Living with Crocodiles


This is just one of several special activities available to the maximum 28 guests on the Zambezi Queen. Another is a visit to Kasemu Village on Impalila Island, known for its enormous baobab trees. Villagers are used to receiving guests and keep their village spotlessly clean. They lay out a circle of crafts including beautifully woven baskets, which are hard to resist, and why should you when it helps the village ladies earn a living?


With river water so accessible to this community, it was unusual to see stand pipes in the village. These were installed after crocodiles took one too many lives from this small community! Something you and I never need to consider, but knowing that children have been taken by crocs really hits home and made me feel tearful.


More than a Pretty Face

It always helps to have a moment that puts things into perspective when you are in the fortunate position of returning to the lap of luxury. And the Zambezi Queen is just that. The staff to guest ratio seemed to be about 2:1 and each individual is as delightful as the next. You cannot help but be seduced by a stay on the Zambezi Queen but just remember, there is so much more to her than just a pretty face.


Why don’t you share this with your friends and make up a floating safari party?


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Review by Safari Tart Carrie Hampton

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