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Luxury Train, Namibia

The Desert Express from Swakopmund to Windhoek I love the desert. It is perhaps because I was born in the dreaded ‘burbs’ of London, house after house with nobody knowing […]

Top Ten Adventure Thrills in Namibia

Here are my Top Ten Adventure Thrills in Namibia. It’s a country I fell in love with the moment I awoke on the banks of the Orange River, having set up […]

Art Safari; Namibia & Botswana

If I had the merest hint of artistic talent I would go on the next Art Safari in Namibia in April 2011, closely followed by Botswana in May. Don’t you […]

Tree-climbing goats – Namibia

When there’s nothing nice to eat on the ground these goats in Nambia take to the trees. I’ve never seen anything like it! Have you?

Don’t Follow Me into Namibia Sand Dunes – a fool and her story

You can follow me anywhere now that I’ve visited over 200 safari lodges, but back when I was a mere Africa travel novice, you would have been and idiot to […]