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Stocking the Cellars at Singita Safari Lodges isn’t all that it seems……

Can you imagine your own personal wine preferences influencing Singita’s bidding at the Cape Winemakers Guild Auction? It happens! If a regular guest of Singita safari lodges loves particular wines […]

Eco Safari Lodges in Africa

What qualifies a safari establishment to call itself eco-friendly? Can it just be one thing or should it be an ethos that runs to all aspects of the facility, including: […]

AVANI Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa, Mozambique

Mercy me! The lovely Mercy at Avani Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa gave me the best back massage I’ve ever had – nice and firm, working those knots and leaving […]

Carrie’s Top 10 Safari Thrills

Read my blog post for the Chic Collection  on my Top 10 Safari Thrills, outlined here:   The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth; My introduction to African safari started in a hot […]